Chandrayaan 3 ISRO Mission: All You Need to Know about the Launch and Landing Dates

Chandrayaan 3 ISRO Mission: All You Need to Know about the Launch and Landing Dates

Chandrayaan 3 ISRO Mission: Launch, Landing Dates, Manager, Budget & Model

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Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the much-awaited Chandrayaan 3 ISRO mission. In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding the launch and landing dates of Chandrayaan 3, as well as shed light on the project manager, allocated budget, and the model of this significant venture. Ever since the success of its predecessor, Chandrayaan 2, there has been tremendous anticipation and curiosity regarding the next step in India's lunar exploration. Join us as we unravel the fascinating journey of Chandrayaan 3, offering you all the essential information you need to stay up-to-date with this groundbreaking mission.

Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date

The official launch date for Chandrayaan 3 is July 14, 2023, at 2:35 pm IST. The chosen date holds significance as it marks another milestone in India's space exploration endeavors. The spacecraft will be launched by LVM3 from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota[1]. However, it's important to note that launch schedules are subject to potential delays or changes.

Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date

The expected landing date for Chandrayaan 3 on the lunar surface is yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to take place in late August. The landing date holds great significance as it determines the success of the mission. Factors such as the trajectory, landing site selection, and technical considerations may influence the landing schedule.

Project Manager and Team

Chandrayaan 3 is under the leadership of an experienced project manager from ISRO, P. Veeramuthuvel, who is a scientist/engineer at the headquarters of the space agency in Bengaluru. The mission involves a dedicated team of scientists, engineers, and technicians who contribute their expertise and knowledge to ensure its success. The team's past achievements and expertise in the field are crucial to the mission's success.

Allocated Budget for Chandrayaan 3

The financial resources allocated to the Chandrayaan 3 mission are approximately Rs. 615 crore (about $82 million USD) [4][9]. This budget is comparable to previous Indian lunar missions, such as Chandrayaan-2, which had a budget of $140 million USD. The budget will be utilized for various aspects of the mission, including the model for Chandrayaan .

Chandrayaan 3 Model and Objectives

Chandrayaan 3 is a follow-on mission to Chandrayaan-2 and aims to demonstrate end-to-end capability in safe landing and roving on the lunar surface. The spacecraft consists of a lander, rover, and propulsion module. The lander and rover are expected to touchdown on the Moon's highlands near its south pole and conduct on-site scientific experiments. The mission also includes a scientific payload called Spectro-polarimetry of Habitable Planet Earth (SHAPE) [9]. If successful, India will become the fourth country in the world to achieve a soft landing on the moon, following in the footsteps of the former Soviet Union, the U.S., and China.

In conclusion, Chandrayaan 3 is a significant mission for India's space exploration endeavors. The mission's launch and landing dates, project manager, allocated budget, and model are all crucial aspects of the mission. The success of the mission will depend on the expertise of the team involved and the technological advancements and innovations in the spacecraft.


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